President Donald Trump AMAZING Speech at the 2017 NABTU Legislative Conference 4/4/17

WASHINGTON, DC — President Trump delivered public remarks Tuesday at two different events. In the morning, Trump spoke at the CEO Town Hall, discussing the business climate.

In the afternoon, he spoke at the the 2017 North America’s Building Trades Unions National Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. (For more information on this and other political stories, subscribe to the White House Patch for daily newsletters and breaking news alerts.)

Trump reiterated his pledge to put “America first,” saying, “I don’t want to be president of the world.” He said that he told the executives building the Keystone XL pipeline that they needed to use American steel, even though they already bought most of the steel from foreign sources.

He also boasted about his electoral college victory.

“We’re going to be doing things that will be very good for the banking industry,” Trump said at the town hall, which he said would help put more liquidity back in the country and get people back to work.


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