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Don Peebles, a fellow real estate mogul and big fund raiser for Obama, is an unlikely fan of Donald Trump. Peebles sits down with Christine Romans to explain how the President-elect is committed to creating an environment of equal opportunity for women and minorities.

Not long ago, when questioned about his ability to resonate with minority voters, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told a large audience and several news reporters that he would, in fact, win the black vote.

According to one of the most successful, wealthiest black business leaders in America, real estate entrepreneur Don Peebles, Trump was likely correct that he could capture a segment of the voting populous that almost always proves to be a struggle for white Republican candidates.

“You look at someone like Donald Trump, there is no resentment to Donald Trump in the African American community. There is aspiration. They want to emulate him because he is showing that the American Dream is possible,” Peebles said during a Bloomberg interview.
Should Trump be elected, he very well could be the catalyst to motivate the black community to move away from a growing dependence on government assistance and more consistently pursue their dreams of entrepreneurial success.

After all, Trump’s stance on the nation’s welfare system will be vastly different than President Barack Obama’s. Between rolling back welfare and providing minorities with opportunities that their current, anti-American dream president hasn’t in his two terms, the black community could be on the cusp of a new-found prosperity.

Peebles’ endorsement of The Donald is huge, considering the fact that he’s a Democrat who once served on President Barack Obama’s national finance committee (H/T The Daily Caller).

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