– Trumplitico NewsDrew Carey’s son viral Trump protester —Parents had no idea he started FIRE
For a moment, Connor Carey was more famous than his dad.
At a protest the night before Donald Trump’s inauguration, on January 19, a viral moment made one protester stand out from the crowd. An 11-year-old kid — who identified himself as just “Connor” — told a Fox News reporter that he “kind of started this fire.”

Why did he start a bonfire in the middle of the street in Washington, DC? “Because I felt like it, and because I’m just saying, ‘screw our president!'” Connor said.

“Okay, well there you have it,” said the reporter as he walked away to interview more protesters.

It was a viral moment, turning Connor, briefly, into the “screw our president” kid.

It turns out, Connor is none other than Connor Carey, son of comedian Drew Carey,
A “source close to Drew” said that Connor Carey “got caught up in the emotions of the crowd.”

Connor did end up getting in trouble with his parents.

“We’re told Drew and Connor’s mom were upset about how he expressed himself to the reporter, and talked to him about his language,”

During the protest, also interviewed Carey, who was in town because he was hosting an event honoring veterans the next day.

He told that he voted for neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton. He came out to the rally — held outside of the pro-Trump Deploraball event — after having dinner with Connor. His son wanted to see what all the ruckus was about.

It’s unclear if interview happened before or after Connor started the fire, but he wasn’t by Carrey’s side during the interview. Carrey didn’t seem to know his son got involved with the protesters.

“There isn’t anything dangerous going on,” Carey laughed. “I told him to come find me if anything happens.”

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